Castles Conqueror iPhone App Review – So Easy, So Addicting

Castles Conqueror Title Screen



It’s Time to Conquer the Castle!


Castles Conqueror MapCastles Conqueror ($0.99) is a fun and addicting app that takes a solid core game mechanic and adds a few embellishments that make it stand out as the superior version when compared to similar titles. You and your opponent each begin with a few bases on opposite ends of the map with several unclaimed territories in between you. Over time each base automatically generates more units so the more bases you control, the faster your army grows, and the more units at your command. During the game, each base may change hands numerous times and you’ll be constantly sending out both attacking parties as well as reinforcements. Eventually, one of you emerges the victor by conquering the entire map.

Castles Conqueror iPhone GameWhile there are a handful of similar titles in the app store already, Castles Conqueror offers a nice addition by way of introducing the ability to train your troops (with the gold you earn after each victory) to bolster your army. There are a good amount of skills to choose from, some of which can easily turn the tide of the next battle. In fact, if you do a good job of upgrading your army you may find the game becoming too easy for a few levels. In addition to the upgraded units, you can purchase items that boost your skills beyond what training can do.

Castles Conqueror VictoryAt the beginning of the campaign you get to choose from the male or female commander, each has special abilities they can use to gain an extra advantage such as increased attack, increased defense, or increased troop growth. They are excellent abilities, but you may find the game is already easy enough that you never need to use them. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any difficulty setting to make the game more challenging, which is a real drawback.

The core mechanic is solid and definitely a lot of fun, and you’ll be treated to 10 maps in 5 different areas, making for a nice long campaign. You can find the same gameplay in several other titles, and they are all addictive and entertaining, but Castles Conqueror captures that same addictive gameplay and adds some nice graphics and upgrades over the competition that make it worth a closer look.

Castles Conqueror – HuaXu Culture Creative – ($0.99/Lite)
Castles Conqueror - HuaXu Culture Creative