Castles Conqueror iPhone App Review – So Easy, So Addicting

The core mechanic is solid and definitely a lot of fun. You can find the same gameplay in several other titles, and they are all addictive and entertaining, but Castles Conqueror captures that same addictive gameplay and adds some nice graphics and upgrades over the competition that make it worth a closer look.


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Zeus Promocode Giveaway! Follow @QWERTYhub on Twitter and RT!

You saw our review of Zeus a few days ago, right? If not, be sure to check it out. We're giving away a free iPhone promocode for Zeus. All you have to do is follow @QWERTYhub on Twitter and retweet any of the contest messages that mention the promotion to enter. We'll send the code to the winner at the end of day on Monday. Good luck!


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The Fish Dies in the End iPhone Review – A Tragic Tale

Poor optimistic little fish. He merrily swims on and on in a valiant effort to... get home? Survive? Find food? Find true love? Whatever the reason, he obviously thinks he's going to get there, but he never, ever does. The fish always dies in the end, there is no happy ending for him. On that depressing note, The Fish Dies in the End ($0.99) is still going to put a smile on your face. The graphics are cartoonishly bright and colorful and cute in spite of the doomsday scenario offered by the developer.


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City of Secrets iPhone App Review – It’s a Full-Blown Adventure Game!

You like adventure, right? Who doesn't? Well... maybe "modern" gamers don't, but guaranteed anyone who grew up back in the era of CGA/VGA graphics loves them. That was the time of King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory, Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle, and a billion other excellent chart-topping titles. Adventure games were THE gaming genre back in the day. When you look in the app store today, most of the big adventure game titles are ports of old PC classics, remade or updated classics, or at best a new addition to an old, revived franchise. Finding a brand-new, completely original adventure title that is well made and isn't embarrassingly filthy (you know who you are) is not an easy task.


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Zeus iPhone App Review – Lightning Action Shooter Game

Being an extremely powerful deity isn't as easy as it sounds -- you might think it's all praise and worship, but it isn't. Yep, even the great Zeus has a bad day. He's been sent to anger management classes and has even tried meditation, but nothing seems to relieve his stress and frustration quite like zapping helpless little mortals running for cover during a torrential rain storm into a charred pile of ash.


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Great Little War Game iPhone Review – A Great Little War

If you're a fan of strategy games, especially turn-based, you'll love Great Little War Game for iPhone. It has very good graphics, sound, controls, and gameplay, and a lot of bells and whistles that you'll love. Bottom line, Great Little War Game really is a great little war game. The name was a lot to live up to, but it does it very well.


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Woolcraft iPhone Review – Minecraft Inspired Puzzler

Your goal in Woolcraft is to find a way to get the sheep safely back to the shepherd. The sheep in Woolcraft are somewhat like lemmings since they will blindly walk off cliffs into water and drown if you don't place an obstacle in their path. Digging allows you to find stone or seeds that you can use to build bridges or plant a bush in the path of a sheep (which prevents them from going any further). Of course, if you dig too much, you may end up clearing a grassy path the sheep need to walk across so you can't just dig haphazardly.


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On A Tilt iPhone Game Review – You’ll Be Upside-Down

It isn't a deep game, but On A Tilt is a lot of fun and will definitely challenge your coordination. Although it is quite simple, it still manages to be an excellent tilt game that nails the core mechanic that makes tilt games so addicting. While at times it may feel a little brutal as you strain to tilt far enough to hit the sweet spot and still manage to keep an eye on the screen, you'll definitely enjoy the challenge that On A Tilt has to offer.


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Sentinel 3: Homeworld iPhone App Review – The TD King?

Sentinel 3 offers 3 different modes of play: Campaign, Endless, and Classic (which also has standard and endurance modes). The progress you make in the campaign not only unlocks new maps in endless mode, but more importantly, it allows you to use any weapons or upgrades you purchase. The further you progress in the campaign, the better chance you have of setting a top score in endless mode.


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Stoned 3D iPhone Game Review – Can You Beat My Score?

Stoned 3D ($0.99) is a very straightforward game, fairly simple, but still fun. While the game seems to be based on a popular children's toy where you need to match the shape with the appropriate hole, has a cartoon art style, and definitely could be for kids, tapping a dinosaur's head for bonus points causes it to explode in a spurt of blood leaving a stump of flesh with a protruding bone. Maybe it isn't meant for children....


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